The Swedish Goddess Conference


I love Sweden. And I love the Goddess. So it was wonderful that I could be in Sweden at the time the conference was 😉

First of all – it was amazing! I felt welcomed and everything was calm and comfortable. When I arrived on Friday afternoon, Margitta, Elin and Lola were preparing the opening ceremony, so I built up my tent in the garden behind the house. It was really great to see Elin again and meet Margitta and Lola! Ialso met Camilla who I knew from a workshop at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. So that’s the wonderful and great thing about the Goddess Movement: no matter where you are from and where you meet, you are welcomed as a sister and are part of the tribe! So it is just a warm feeling of belonging, of love and beeing part of a great thing!

DSC06576 DSC06582

Margittans place, where the conference was for the whole weekend, was just amazing, lots of little places, the healing fir, Friggs cave, a place to put offerings for the little people and of course the Goddess temple in ther house! So I could stroll around and have a look at all these places while more women and men arrived.


The opening ceremony was fine, I didn’t understand everything (I really want to learn swedish…) but the good thing about these Goddess wheels ist hat you know what it is about and you can guess a lot and also listen to your heart even if you don’t understand every word. I could feel the energy and nearly cried because it was so beautiful! I was really there!


So the next two days were just wonderful, but also very intense as we danced the bone woman! We had great concerts with Kellianna and Elin, I love their songs! And I talked to the women and men and just had a great time, learned a lot about Swedish goddesses and costums. The whole conference was a flow, dancing around the fire singing songs and having a really touching ceremony for the sacred female and male flame. The good thing was that nearly everybody was on the same place where we could share food and lots of laughter and good conversations around the sacred fire. There was no stress, just harmony and peace inside me!


On Sunday we helped to clean the space, together we were really fast so we could enjoy a fine evening in Margittans house sharing our experiences of the conference. On Monday we talked about our Goddess wheels of the year and had a nice trip to the baltic sea before Kellianna and Elin went back to Venice/Stockholm and Margitta was so very nice to drive me to the coast where I went for a walk and camp in the forests, but that’s another story!


So I want to thank Margitta and all the other wonderful people who organised the conference and held all these amazing workshops and ceremonies! I really had a great time! And I felt so very welcomed! Tack så mycket, Margitta, hugs and blessings to you dear sister!


More Information:        Programm also in English!



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