To Glastonbury by car…3600 km there and back again…

The journey begins
here and now
you are on the way
to yourself.
You may face straight and winding roads,
shortcuts and loop ways,
congestions and dead ends,
you may fall and you may laugh,
lose your way and experience the most wonderful things,
the Goddess is always with you!

SHE is calling me
to Her sacred island,
to Avalon.
So many roads ahead of us,
rivers and the sea to cross,
countries to journey through,
mountains and valleys,
forests and fields of grain,
caves and swamps,
menhirs and dolmen,
stone circles and temples.
The Goddess of the thousand names
is accompanying us.

Noreia – Perchta – Borbeth, keeper of the tunnels – Abnoba – Nantosuelta – Rosmerta – Britannia and many many more…

Day 1: Carinthia/Austria to Aichelberg/Germany

With the two small kids on board we planned 3 or 4 days for our trip to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. We started on Friday. First stop was in the Hellbrunner Park in Salzburg, where we had our first lunch cooked with the Trangia and the gas cooker. The Untersberg (sacred mountain of this area) and Goddess Perchta watched over us on our journey through Bavaria. Passing the Chiemsee, we followed the motorway to Munich and Augsburg, on the Schwäbische Alb was our first night in the tent as a family, very exciting for all of us and with not that much sleep as we would have needed…


Our first camping meal…

the Chiemsee


oak children…

nettle door…

Day 2: Germany to Cougnicourt/France

Today we saw the Black Forest and crossed the river Rhine. After so much congestion and road works in Germany, the motorway in France was really comfortable to drive even if it costs a lot! We had a nice coffee on one of the service stations and the children slept in the car or I played with them during the travel with singing, reading books or eating. In the late afternoon we arrived on a nice campsite at the shore of the Aisne. After building up the tent and a nice meal we went for a walk at the river.

the Rhine…

funny french traffic signs…

one of our most important things on board: coffee!

Camping au bord de l’Aisne…

Day 3: to Calais, ferry to Dover and Folkestone

It was nice weather and at noon we arrived the car ferry in Calais! I love the sea and the wind! We had fish and chips on the boat and in the afternoon we build up the tent over the cliffs of Folkestone and went for a trip to the coast, the first time for the kids, our daughter was a bit frightened when the waves came to her little feet…

car ferry Calais…

the white cliffs of Dover

and building up the tent again and again…

so much stuff with us…


Day 4: to Glastonbury!

At noon we cooked a nice meal at the parking area near Stonehenge and of course visited the Stones! Now it wasn’t far to Glastonbury and it was soo great to see the Tor again! We now were really glad to build up the tent and not to have to take it down the next day!

Goddess Conference

Overnight it started to rain and in the next days there were at least two showers a day, so we were a bit frustrated, but all vacancies etc. were fully booked. We stayed in the tent and in the end it was ok. My husband was with the kids, while I could go to the conference, very thankful for that, I could really enjoy my time!

oh no, we don’t like all that rain!!!

opening words from Kathy

Avalon Orchard on the slope of the Tor

oh oh there comes the rain…

wonderful exhibition in the Assambly Rooms

Chalice Well

Procession through Glastonbury

the wonderful Peti Songcatcher drumming

And back again…

After the give away ceremony we left Glastonbury and were on the road again. We took the same campsites again and it all went really well! The highlight in France this time was Fresnicourt, le Table-aux-Fees, the fairy table, a dolmen!

in the far you can see stonehenge again…

and crossing the Sea again…

Looking back to the time of the trip, we are really glad we have done it, sometimes it was hard, but it was wonderful at all!

2 Kommentare zu „To Glastonbury by car…3600 km there and back again…

  1. Dearest Elaria, Thank you so much for documenting your exciting sacred journey! You are truly an inspiration to me. May ease and joy, peace and harmony be showered upon you and your family, mixed with a huge portion of LOVE and Warmth! With all my love & xxx, blessed be. Billie Amba Lee ❤


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